About us

The itc. Training & Consulting GmbH offers trainings and services throughout Europe for the following software products:

Infor LNCognosMicrosoft SQL Server
Infor IONBusiness ObjectsMicrosoft SharePoint
Infor EPAK                      Microsoft SQL Server BI                 Microsoft CRM
Infor SCM

We support our customers professionally and reliably throughout Europe due to long years of experience. The trainings and services are based on a high quality standard and a distinctive customer orientation. The certified trainers are absolute experts in their field. Therefore they excellently prepare every training very practical. They are able to competently answer your specific questions.

Use our strength to your advantage.

    • Kompetente Bildungsberater evaluieren Ihren Schulungsbedarf
    • Erfahrene Trainer sorgen für eine qualifizierte Vermittlung von Theorie und Praxis
    • Detaillierte Schulungsunterlagen unterstützen Ihren Lernerfolg
    • Schulungsfirmen garantieren eine stabile und getestete Softwareumgebung

      Professional training ensures the effective and efficient use of your software. We will be pleased to develop and support your optimal training concept.

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      Burkhard Borkowski
      Managing Director
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      Our new training center

      At the beginning of the year 2015 we have moved into our new training center situated in the historic quarter Pelikanviertel in the heart of Hannover. The modern training center offers a lot of interesting innovations and attractive advantages to our clients. Thereby the itc. training center establishes ideal prerequisites for an optimal and effective learning success.

      In the following lines we would like to deliver a clear insight into the new itc. training center and point the important innovations and different advantages out.

      Central location in the heart of Hannover

      The new itc. traing center has a central location in the quarter Pelikanviertel in the city of Hannover which is rich in history. The Pelikanviertel is not far from central station Hannover and is excellently connected to the important traffic infrastructure in Hannover. Thereby the itc. training center offers a perfect transport connection for your journey by plane, by car or by local public transport.

      After an interesting day at itc. training center the city of Hannover invites one to explore the numerous sights. The most important sights are reachable in a short time from the new itc. training center.

      Optimal learning environment

      The training rooms in the new itc. training center have a special focus on creating an optimal learning environment for the advancement of concentration and focussing. For this reason our training rooms are created brightly, clearly and openly based on an innovative room concept. The perfect learning environment supports our clients for effectively for a positive learning success.

      Modern technology

      The training rooms in the new itc. training center are equipped with modern technology in all ranks. In this context a comprehensive modernisation of the hardware took place in all training rooms. In the new itc. training center the computer and beamer are state-of-the-art. The modern technology offers new possibilities for our trainings concerning an effective knowledge transfer and faciliates an advancement of motivation and acceptance for our clients.

      Relaxing breaks

      The new itc. training center comprises besides the training rooms a generous cafeteria with a nice view onto the center of the historic Pelikanviertel. Thereby we offer the possibility of relaxing breaks between the training units to our clients enjoying an exhilarant cup of coffee and a tasty snack.

      We would like to invite you to visit our new training center in the Pelikanviertel in Hannover and to see the advantages of the itc. training center for oneself.